Top Inspirational Website Designs

Top Inspirational Website Designs

When digital design agencies are left to their own devices, that’s when the fresh, creative, surprising, interactive wonderlands appear. If the content is written and the wireframes are approved, all you need to do is hammer out a beautiful design, but in times like these, inspiration can escape us. In today’s marketplace, the purposes and needs of each company’s site include a professional image which should also be an accurate representation of the company and present consistent messages so, if you’re looking to create your own corporate website, you must find some sources for design inspiration.


For more inspiration on of quality web designs check out our following collection which is actually a list of favorite websites. Making design choices can be a daunting task so you might not know for sure in what direction to take your web design, but, as we don’t want you to get overwhelmed, we’ve handpicked a few bold web designs which are quite special, in our opinion. The internet is full of inspiring and innovative ways to utilize design and create experiences, but finding these diamonds can be an incredible challenge, so here you’ll find some excellent examples for your own design projects.


A web design project’s scope might make it tough to find the right inspiration but having a few reliable starting places can encourage you to explore new design solutions, so keep that in mind. Clean designs draw attention, making a statement and helping the right things stand out in the same time, so here are some which may help with your inspiration. To help showcase some of these sites, we pulled the ones that use exercise UX, information architecture and video marketing to their fullest potential, but it’s important to understand that you should not attempt to copy them, and only find the parts that utilize design strategies that could be revised.


  1. Everlane

With a bold design, back to basics theme and a clean font, Everlane is kicking it.


  1. The Cool Club

The white space highlights their products and they surely made the website design better with small games in order to create an interesting website prototype, with rich interaction commands. Moreover, it has rich and interesting micro interactions, and users can easily click the card box while, as you move your mouse cursor over the words, they will shake correspondingly.


  1. Feed

Not only is Feed an interesting concept, but also challenges our understanding through a creative blend of animation and video, into a very engaging experience, containing several unique usability elements.


  1. Not Another Bill

The photos look, the landing page never slows down and the natural language filter makes finding the product easy, delivering thus a positive customer experience. The whole idea behind Not Another Bill was to shift its direction from a gift subscription service to a full online, as it is definitely a company that sets its sights high, with a minimal design approach.


  1. Journey Group

The startup story has been revealed with the design in a deliberate manner.

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